Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Life is unpredictable

It is hard to know what is going to happen in the next second.
The best way to have a better life or fantastic future is to live in your life positively.
I am working in the middle of Taiwan, and it is what I can't ever imagine in my previous life.
I am in Italy now, and I never think I will be here so early or even I can be here in my last life.
And also I am falling in love with a lovely and smart girl.
I think I am lucky definitely.
I think I am the most lucky person in the world.
However, I maybe thought I was kind of unlucky few months ago.
When that time I changed my jobs almost every month.
I don't know if I can have enough money to realize my too many desires.
I am not sure if there is another girl can accept me while I was getting old, ugly and boring.
I was afraid of a lot of things.
The good news is even we are afraid of some stuff, we still can do something to make ourselves in a better situation instead of arguing or depressing all the time.
Often I think I have these thoughts because I am in a good situation now.
Often I appreciate that I would never give up myself too quickly.
I am lucky.
So are you.

Sunday, October 25, 2009

When I fall in love.......

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What can we do in front of "Love"? Nothing.
"Love" is something that I was struggled to catch, but all I done were useless.
Suddenly, it came to me.
Quietly, fast, and gentlely.
Before I settled down my trap, I became the prey.

I was confused....
How come a hunter could become a prey willingly? :)

Obviously, I loved to be a prey this time.

Thank you to come into my life and sit beside me.
Show me your love bravely and generously.

I love to hear you said you love making love with me.
I love to hear you said you love the pure feeling while being with me.
I love to look at you. just look at you. with no words.
I love to

Saturday, August 29, 2009


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It is my shortage and defect. I have to try everything to make me believe in it. It is truth that there should be a aim first, then it will be easy to endeavor to achieve it. Before the aim could be found, most of the endeavors is waste. I just found the rules I used in my previous life are not efficient and proper anymore. Tey are good, but just good. It has to be better and better and better. I am making an experiment. I ignored the main stuff that people chase all the time and that stuff should be useful and attractive in this modern society. They are money, position, and reputation. I throwed myself to the middle of Taiwan where is one of the poorest area in this country probably. Fortunately, I have a job now and it is to sell tea leaves. What the difference from before is I got free two meals for five days a week, a free room for anytime, and few salary. Is it out of the way I was on? Yes it is. I wish someday I would feel just right to write a story about myself. It will be interesting definitely.

Friday, August 7, 2009

I am working in Nanto

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Here I am not only doing a job to earn the money, but also living with a group which is constituted by few people who are good at studying Sociology and executing the rules related to Sociology in their daily lives. Honestly, I have to say they are strange. At least, they are believing in something that most of us never think about or we know it but just let it exist beside us without any consciousness. I don't like this feeling at all, but i am curious about what I will abtain after living wiht them for a while. I wish this period could be 6 months at least. The environment I am living in is original and poor. However, it makes me using my time to think except watching TV or doing something to waste time. I can feel I am exactly living when the environment only gives me space and various sounds from insects and animals. It is truth that you can take more when you don't grasp too much in your hands. Is that the common saying? I think so....haha

Friday, July 17, 2009

Plan versus Change

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Life is changed really fast. Someday I was claiming what I am going to do, but it changed few days later. One thought exists in my mind deeply. It keeps telling me I am going to do all of these things that I have ever figured out in my past. I wonder it will be realized, but I still believe in it. In these two years, I tried my best to do what I wanna do and what I was afraid to do. In some way, I have to say that I did it well. Somehow it has never stopped my eager to grasp something new or unique. I have to give my appreciation to my dear friends. you are all my inspirations. In this week, something good happened. one of my friend had an interview with an organization which is about charity in the middle of Taiwan. It is an opportunity for me because I have looked for a job for long time and there were no jobs match my wish. In another hand, I always want to help people but can not find the way or method to realize my mind. In the beginning, I considered I may contribute something to support this organization, however they thought maybe I could find out what I was always looking forward with them on the contrary. At that moment, I was confused that who is the saver, and whom is the one to be saved. haha. Later, another friend knocked me by msn and asked me make up my mind as soon as possible, or I have to open a shop to sell breakfast only to accomplish our childish dream long time ago. For them and for me. It is a sweet deal to help me have a better life. And it is a backup for me from my dear friends. Thank you. Thank all of you. Without all of you, I wonder if I can reach this step. Anyway, I am here, and you are with me all the time. You and you and you. Yes, I mean you. lol

Sunday, June 21, 2009

Two Lovers

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I just finished this film. I don't know how but I do feel what he feels. The drama is a little be unusual, however it seems like a real section of a normal life. I found it is a good way to watch a movie, which is to immerse in it deeply and completely. When we admire a movie throughout with hearts and without judgements or thought, it is obvious to feel and get what the director wants to say and to present. Recently I got words which came from a famouos person, Oscar Wilde, which is,"No shallow people who do not judge appearance." Also I am reading a book, Against interpretation, which was wrote by Susan Sontag and had been translated to several languages already. It is definitely a new world for me to discover even though I found I am not so smart to understand everything she declared, and it is the first time that I found I am not clever enough. haha. too bad. I think maybe it is kind of a upgrade that I am looking for something to define myself in a harder way. Let's go back to this movie. I have to say Gwyneth Paltrow is really attractive and charming. Joaquin Pheonix was also amazing in this movie. It didn't make me cry, but I know I felt it clearly at that moment when he laughed and cried. Have a loook if you want to do it but not yet.

Monday, June 8, 2009

Reading makes me happy

quoted from: www.brunozzi.com/en/2008/05/
Long time no see, my dear friends. In these days, things changed so fast, too fast to grasp the real feeling during it. However, everything would leave its footprint without exception. All these marks composed me. I met a mysterious piano teacher in the beginning. Of course it is She. haha. She is a totally new world for me to discover with curiousity. Then I know she is a completely unusual artist and an instructor about instruments. I was immersed in that weird feeling which she gave to me in these two weeks. At the same time, she introduced several books to me. All these books are related to Alchemy and Zen. Suddenly I found I have never read any books which are so abstruse and difficult to understand. Insensibly, I was used to read simple books and articles gradually before. I think it is also the reason that I discovered my brain wa going to be dumb previously. Now and then, I could think carefully and completely, but it was hard to keep this situation at most part of life. Fortunately, I got my brain back finally. "Jung and Alchemy", this book costed me three days to finish it, and it also made me a little bit confused. I understand what I read, but I don't understand it deeply. So I just let my brain take a rest and wish it can operate by itself.